Wednesday, 1 August 2012


And so another week of the summer holidays has disappeared before my very eyes. For the most part, I've been tied up with wedmin and domesticity, but I've also been idly glued to the TV watching the Olympics since Friday evening, and we've managed to squeeze in the odd excursion here and there with friends and family. All in all, I'm in holiday heaven, especially since the Sun's been out, albeit sporadically. More on fun in the Sun at a later date, on to tonight's post...

One day last week, I was in the bathroom, post shower, painting my nails - pink skin, fluffy towel, warm perfumed steam hanging in the air, cool tiles beneath my feet - and it occurred to me for the first time how vitally important that space is to me. I love nothing more than wallowing in the tub, scrubbing up for a night out or just slathering on lotions and potions in the vain hope that they might actually do what it says on the tin. Ultimately, it is a place of solace, contemplation and catharsis. Very fortunately, His Lordship and I have separate bathrooms, which allows us both the time and space to perform our ablutions in peace and quiet and at our leisure. This evening, I thought I would express my love of la salle de bains by sharing some of my tips for bathroom bliss.

Seven heavenly virtues for a sanitary sanctuary

In order for your bathroom to be truly relaxing, I can thoroughly recommend the following:

1. Cleanliness is next to godliness.
It is impossible to relax if you are surrounded by clutter and or grime, or if your throne room smells akin to The Bog of Eternal Stench.. Have a regular clean and tidy up, throwing out any products you find unused/unloved/congealed beyond sanitary usage, and don't forget: no one likes to dry their hands on a wet towel.

2. In the mood (for scrub).
Lighting is key in any space, indoor or out, and can be used to great effect to create a calming atmosphere. Your bathroom should not be some bizarre exception to this rule. You need good light for applying make-up/de-fuzzing etc, yes, but that does not mean blinding halogens are welcome 24/7. We all know electricity and water don't mix well, which is where candles come in. Soaking in the bath is lovely in itself, but candlelight will take your relaxation to a whole new level... (Ice-cream and/or wine are welcome additions to this scenario if you're going for all-out indulgence)

3. Bathroom baubles.
I often find bathrooms can be a bit, well, clinical. Now, whilst clinical is ideal when it comes to sanitation, not so with regards interior design. Popping a few trinkets/objets d'art here and there will warm up a bland space instantly, and it's a simple way of adding personality and colour if your bathroom is scarily white. NB All white can look fantastic and is über chic if your bathroom is well styled.

4. Banish bathtime boredom.
Reading material/music/Matey colour changing bubble bath/rubber ducky, whatever floats your little plastic boat. Might I recommend these fab foam alphabet tubs from Sainsbury's - so much juvenile fun to be had leaving amusing messages on the tiles!

5. As soft as an Andrex puppy.
In this day and age there is no excuse for a) toilet paper that chafes, or b) towels as stiff as cardboard and abrasive like a cheese grater. Buy better loo roll! And some fabric softener.

6. Put it away!
Bathrooms require storage. With ever more cunning designs for space-saving vessels on the market, even the smallest bathroom has the odd nook or cranny to stow away your 'feminine hygiene' products at the very least. Let's face it, no matter how fancy the packaging they might come in, we all know they're tampons.

7. Ladies.
Don't let a man in. Without express permission. And supervision. With disinfectant and rubber gloves on standby.

So, are you feeling virtuous, or are you a sinner in the bathroom department..? I'd love to hear your thoughts - please comment below! Tomorrow, I'll be posting a few of my favourite beauty products, from everyday essentials to make-up must haves, so do stop by again soon. Just to finish off, a few snaps of my own beloved bathroom:



Bonne nuit,

pp x

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