Sunday, 23 March 2014

Easter Essentials

I don't know about you, but it seems to me that 2014 has been flying by absurdly fast, so much so that Easter is now only a few weeks away! We will be in Japan in the lead up to Easter, so we're unlikely to go overboard with decorations this year, but these seasonal treats are certainly inspiring me...

Splat egg, Hotel Chocolat

Sunday Smörgåsbord

This week has been SO busy at work that our weekend has been a relatively quiet one, as you will see from this week's Smörgåsbord... I cannot tell you how much we have been enjoying the Sun on our skin these past two weekends, and how excited we are counting down the days until we leave for Japan!

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend!

1 Pretty pastels for Spring! Loving this gorgeous pale pink tennis drop waist dress from French Connection.

2 Tulips ~ my favourite Spring flower.

3 Celebrating a very dear friend's 30th with cheeky litres of Erdinger in the Bavarian Beerhouse, Old Street. I spent a year living in Bavaria (where said friend and I first met in fact, nearly ten years ago), and it is extremely close to my heart. Not an authentic German beerhouse experience, but a fun one all the same!

4 Terramundi pot for the boy's birthday last week. He just LOVES Disney World (so much so that we spent our honeymoon there!), so we're now planning an anniversary trip this Christmas.

5 Essie 'lilacism' ~ the perfect seasonal shade.

6 A Springtime stroll took us past this handsome fella ~ just look at all those beautiful spots!

pp x

Magpie Make & Do ~ Snickerbocker Shake

I'm not an out-and-out milkshake fan, I'll be honest. Much as I wish I did, I just don't like milk, so milkshakes for me always have to be one part milk to nine parts anything but! I don't even want to think about how many calories there are in this devilishly naughty concoction, but frankly, it tastes so good that I'm willing to overlook it, and so should you.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Magpie Top Picks ~ 25% off dresses

Asos prices are always so reasonable, that an extra 25% off seems almost too good to be true! We are off to Japan in a fortnight (squeal!), so I am trying to be good and save my pennies, but even so I am sorely tempted by these beauties...

Warehouse Textured Crepe Shift Dress

Sunday Smörgåsbord

I was so disappointed in failing to meet my blogging target last weekend, but we were just so busy and I've been rather run down of late. My Sunday afternoon/evening blogging spot came and went in a flurry of laundering and ironing, with me heading to bed uncharacteristically early. I fully intend to make up for it though with some extras this week and next...

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Bloomin' marvellous.

My month in plants and flowers...

Cotton balls belong in the bathroom, which is where I've hung this wreath from M&S.

In Bruges

Over the half term break, I surprised my Mr with a trip to the beautiful town of Bruges. Our first ever holiday abroad together was in fact a city break to Brussels, where we had such a wonderful time that we have been eager to return to Belgium ever since.