Monday, 23 July 2012

Sunday Smörgåsbord

So much for becoming a regular feature - this is only the second time I've managed it in a month! And technically speaking, it's now Monday... Oh well, if you can forgive my tardiness, here is a quick bedtime post with a roundup of a few recent highlights:

Top row (from left to right):
1. An unexpected second wave of blooms on the rose bush just outside our front door :o)
2. Delicious lunch with fab friend @ Mildreds (mildly irksome lack of apostrophe forgiven on account of super tasty food) vegetarian restaurant in Soho. Neither one of us is a veggie but we were so distracted by all the yummy dishes on the menu that we failed to notice this fact until we asked for a business card at the end of the meal!
3. Boo the Pomeranian of YouTube fame can be yours! Visit Urban Outfitters, who also stock a very sweet book featuring 'the cutest dog in the world' photographed in a vast array of endearing poses.

Middle row:
4. Snickers milkshake @ the fabulously fifties JB's American Diner in Brighton. Heaven through a straw. Also your entire recommended daily calorie allowance in one hit, I imagine.
5. Summer has made a tentative first appearance this weekend! Sssh, don't get too excited or we might frighten it away. Loved the fact that I could finally step out in shorts and flip-flops today, and that the glorious sunshine justified an outing for my trusty straw trilby. Joy.
6. Salted caramels from Hotel Chocolat. In my humble, yet discerning chocolate-lover's opinion, simply the best chocolates you can buy in the UK. Crisp, rich chocolate coating gives way to unctuous, salty sweet and velvety smooth liquid caramel. Too good.

Bottom row:
7. My homemade truffle filo tulips (recipe to follow soon...). Very simple to make, suitably pretty to serve up to guests. Lighter than you'd imagine - we and our friends managed three each!
8. A great favourite of mine in the nail varnish department, especially when the Sun is shining ~ Cajun Shrimp by O.P.I. Their products are superb: easy to apply, quick to dry, and long-lasting, and on top of that they have the most fantastic range of colours.

Wow. I hadn't realised when I was putting this together, but you can tell what I've been doing a lot of recently ~ indulging in the food department! I hope you've all had a great weekend, and particularly to readers here in Blighty, enjoy this spot of summer weather while it lasts!

Sweet dreams...

pp x

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