Sunday, 26 August 2012

I'm a little teapot.

I heart vintage crockery. I have done from the tender age of seven, when I literally begged my parents for a china tea set for my eighth birthday. Much to my delight, they obliged with a breathtakingly beautiful, handmade miniature porcelain tea set. It was white, with delicate hand-painted flowers in deep shades of purple scrolling across it. From that time forward, my teddies had actual tea parties with real tea and coffee and homemade fairy cakes. My mum even lent me a special gold tray to lay it all out on, on display, as it were in the playroom. I dusted it weekly with great pride and pleasure, until one sad day when I became a habitual tea drinker and the teddies were no longer invited down from my bedroom to play.

As an adult, I still collect vintage crockery, teacups in particular ~ I feel the desire to state at this point that I've been doing so since long before it became trendy! ~ and I love teapots too. Mum and Dad bought me a lovely teapot for my birthday this year, new, hand-painted, with a nod to the Cath Kidston school of design, and since I already have a few teapots, Mum suggested I use this one as a vase, which I thought was a great idea. Here are the results...

A few of my favourite cups and saucers :-)
Any tips for original ways to display vintage chinaware or flowers..? Do share!

 pp x

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