Monday, 24 February 2014

Sartorial narcissism.

I have always wanted to post in a more personal way on the fashion front, but loathe selfies of myself and sadly cannot rely on my husband to direct me into flattering poses. Having said this, with the recent purchase of a superior camera (not quite into the full swing of it yet, so I am still relying on my iPhone 5 rather a lot at present) and a new found 'bite the bullet' attitude, I have started posting outfits on WIWT - What I Wore Today.

If you are at all interested, head on over to:

I'm hoping that cataloging my outfits might inspire me to dress more creatively on a daily basis, though so far I appear to live in jeans! Back to school in the morning, so expect more skirts and dresses imminently...

pp x

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