Monday, 17 February 2014

City Spotlight: Brighton

Brighton is amongst my favourite places on this glorious Earth. The waft of chips and ketchup carried on the crisp sea breeze, the cosmopolitan melange of inked hipsters and free-spirited bohemians, the harmony of old world charm and avant-garde intrigue. This enigmatic seaside town stole my heart on a school trip, at the tender age of fifteen, and our love affair continues to this day. Indeed, the hubby and I chose to stage our engagement shoot within its labyrinthine Lanes and along its shingled shore (do take a peek if you would like to see pictures of Brighton far more beautiful than my  crude iPhone snaps!). We even made a point of purchasing my engagement ring and our wedding bands from Brighton, such is our affinity for the place.

Happily, we now find ourselves living only twenty minutes away, though we don't find the time to visit as much as we might like (and the traffic getting in and out can be enough to put you off bothering at all, frankly!). Today, however, we took advantage of the unexpected spot of sunshine and visited a few of our favourite haunts...

© Ria Mishaal Cooke Snaddon

The Lanes

There really is something for everyone, from trendy art galleries to the latest in pet pooch fashion. My favourites are England At Home for quirky gifts, Lavender Room for spoiling myself and Pretty Eccentric for frocks and frills. Our engagement/wedding rings came from Gold Arts, whom we would highly recommend. While away the hours and fritter away your cash...

The Pier

There is simply so much good old-fashioned, innocent fun to be had on Brighton Pier. The arcade is undoubtedly the highlight for me. I am a claw machine pro.

The Food

It's all good.

For Breakfast: Mange Tout (no pics - sorry!)

For Lunch: Fish & Chips (on the King's Road); something for everyone @ Browns; wholesome vegetarian fare @ Iydea  (again, no pics...)

For your Afternoon Sugar Hit: Milkshake @ JB's American Diner; Cake @ Choccywoccydoodah

For Dinner: British Bistro at its best @ The House Restaurant; tasty Thai delights @ Giggling Squid (again, no pics - really sorry!)

Obviously, there is far more to Brighton than the handful of things I've mentioned here. There's the incredibly beautiful Pavilion, for one! There is also a great nightlife (head to Riki Tik for an awesome dirty martini...), cool music scene and so much more besides. So, as soon as the Sun deigns to shine again, I recommend that you make your way down to Brighton forthwith. I promise you won't be disappointed.

pp x

PS Second post is on its way! I was sick yesterday. Very sick. Literally. So I'm afraid I'm a bit behind with my two-posts-per-week, but the second will be up before the night is through!

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