Friday, 1 March 2013

Pâte à crêpes parfaite!

Perfect pancake batter


In the eyes, mouths and stomachs of my husband and I, this is the ultimate recipe for pancakes. This batter results in pancakes so delicious that you won't even feel the need to adulterate them with toppings, however scrumptious - yes, they're THAT good!

This is a French crêpe recipe, and in all honesty I cannot remember when or where exactly I discovered it. I have been using it since throwing a rather noisy, not to mention extremely messy, pancake party one year at university, and I have never once strayed from it since. Whilst there are sweet ingredients in here, this batter is versatile. It still works beautifully for savoury pancakes; just go a little easier on the vanilla and sugar.

I can only apologise for not posting this in a more timely fashion in advance of pancake day, but these really are so good any time, any place, anywhere - you really shouldn't wait until next year to try this recipe for yourselves!

For 8-10 large pancakes, you will need:

250g plain flour
5g salt
2 dsp caster sugar
450ml milk
4 eggs, beaten
50ml beer
50g melted butter
a generous dash of good quality vanilla extract (I like Nielsen-Massey Pure Vanilla Extract)


1. Mix the wet and dry ingredients separately.

2. Add the wet concoction a little at a time to your dry ingredients, mixing with a balloon whisk as you go.

3. I recommend covering your batter container with clingfilm at this point, and leaving it in the fridge for at least an hour before using it, or even overnight. This gives the flavours time to fully interfuse and develop, while the sugar dissolves and the beer works its magic. However, if your are pressed for time, it's fine to skip this part; your pancakes will still be tasty!

4. Heat your pan on medium high (say, 4 out of 6), and lighly grease with a little butter.

5. If you are no good at judging the right amount of mixture required by sight, use a ladle. One and a half ladles of mixture in a c.12" pan ought to do it.

6. Gently swirl the batter around the pan until the base is covered and the mixture is evenly distributed.

7. Do not be tempted to peek under the edges of your pancake too soon! Give it at least a minute before gently working your way around the edges with a palette knife, to ensure it's not sticking.

8. When the base of your pancake begins to show signs of colour, it's a good time to flip. If you're afraid to toss your pancake, use the palette knife: slide it all the way underneath your pancake, through the centre point, then lift and gently fold over onto the reverse side.

9. Repeat the turning process until you are happy with the colour of your pancake.

10. Adorn with luscious toppings (or not), and devour immediately!

Lemon and sugar. A classic.

This filling of strawberries and Nutella is sometimes called Romeo and Juliet,
because it is bittersweet. We were served this sumptuous combo on our honeymoon
by a supremely lovely chef. I just couldn't resist recreating it on pancake day!

This really ought to have been drizzled with melty Nutella and topped with a juicy strawberry...
I do hope you'll be tempted to give this batter a go the next time you fancy pancakes. You won't be disappointed, I promise!

Night, all. Sleep tight.

pp x

PS Special mention to E&S ~ thanks again for such a lovely pancake party, and all three of the delicious batter varieties I sampled! It was in fact your super soirée that inspired this post... Big love x

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