Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Monday Montage

Sorry, folks! Last night, fatigue claimed me when I wasn't looking. I was so tired that I couldn't even muster the strength to knock up a quick smorgasbord for you. Shameful. So here I find myself, wrapped up on the sofa on a cold, snowy Monday evening in March (seriously seasonally inappropriate!), excited to share a few recent highlights with you.

From top to bottom, left to right...

1 & 2 New blue hydrangea to brighten up the kitchen windowsill, now that my two orchids are temporarily flower-less.

3 Supremely sweet, if somewhat juvenile, scrapbook from Paperchase. Can't wait to get the glue out!

4 Love my new Comic Relief mug (Only £3, from Sainsbury's!) :-) Please show your support in whatever way you can.

5 My niece's latest masterpiece, Face. Anatomically correct with ears and everything. (Aged 2 years, 9 months)

6 ~ 8 Pretty Things is relatively new to Horsham, having opened in late October, 2012. A gloriously girly, unashamedly kitsch tea room/shop selling temptingly calorific homemade treats alongside an array of sweet little bits and bobs ~ I had a blueberry meringue with fruit compote and whipped cream. Yum. Love, love, love the bunny wallpaper!!!

9 Love my new hot pink and gold waxed linen bracelet from Lilas Chocolat on Etsy.

10 I cannot help but be excited by a plush red theatre curtain. Who can? The vivid colour bleeding through a dimly lit room, the dust circling in the glare of the lights, the hushed anticipation of what is to come! I went to see a wonderful production at hubby's school at the weekend and was bowled over by the incredible young talent of the leading cast members. It made me feel especially proud to be a teacher.

11 Out and about. Fabulous colour pop begged to be photographed.

12 Soft and subtle for Mothering Sunday. I learned so much from my wonderful wedding florist, the supremely lovely Jay Archer, that I have become somewhat obsessed with plants and flowers ever since. I really enjoyed putting this bouquet together for my lovely mum: Hydrangea, Sweet Avalanche Roses, White Veronica, Wax Flower and Thistle. I hope you approve, Jay!

13 I was naughty and indulged in Topshop on Oxford Street last weekend. Oops. Ahu Multi Stone Ring with semi-precious stones by Ottoman Hands.

14 The Easter Bunny's on his way... (Paperchase)

15 Ridiculously over-indulgent dinner, featuring carbs, fat, more carbs and, you guessed it, more fat. So delicious! I figured the gherkins, cucumber and grapes went at least some way to counter-balancing all the cheese, right?

16 More flowers! Stocks and ranunculus ~ kept our hallway smelling sweet for a week. Spring seems to be springing somewhere at least, just not here... Sigh.

Last, but not least, a few pictures, as promised of the adorable hand-knitted bunnies I ordered from WereRabbit on Etsy. Beautifully made and packaged, super fast delivery and so darn cute you won't want to give them away!

Bunnies remind me that in spite of the weather, Easter's on its way... During what I very much hope will be the last of the cold weather this side of September, stay warm and safe travels.

pp x

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