Thursday, 19 July 2012

I see trees of green.

I'm sorry to say that over the past week or so I have rather put off writing. However, this has mostly been in favour of going out and doing interesting things to write about, so I hope that the next few posts will make up for my recent absence.

I cannot believe that the best part of two weeks of the summer holidays has already been and gone in the blink of an eye. Our approach to making the most of these precious weeks is attempting to strike a balance between doing lots of lovely things and doing, well, nothing at all! So far, we have managed both, though perhaps not in equal measure - I feel as though this last week has been as busy as term time! Last week was a little more laid back though, and on Sunday we donned boots at the first twinkle of sunshine through the rain, and went to take a stroll around one of our local parks...

It really was the most beautiful walk I've enjoyed in a long time. The colours were stunning, the light enchanting, and it was such a great pleasure to explore somewhere new, hand in hand, at our leisure. Through the lens (of my iPhone), I discovered unexpected textures and depth of summer hues that I've been overlooking in this dull, grey weather we've been having. It was so refreshing to get out of doors, to stretch our legs and to escape the hustle and bustle of living in town.

Apparently we are due some sunshine from tomorrow (hooray!), so I hope that you may get a chance to be outside and feel it on your skin over the weekend. Why not find somewhere new to explore as we did? After all, as Louis would say, it's a wonderful world.

pp x

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