Monday, 15 April 2013

Sunday Smörgåsbord

My final Smörgåsbord of the Easter break is an eclectic mix. I'm rather proud to say that this holiday I actually managed to strike the perfect balance between filling my time with lots of wonderful places to go/things to do/people to see, organising my life/home and enjoying duvet days in my pjs. I am now left feeling extremely fortunate and appreciative, and refreshed and motivated ready for the return to work. Feels good...

1 Goregous Lisbeth Dahl vintage rose glass cake stand purchased at The Hambledon in Winchester. This is such a beautiful shop, which I heard about here. Thanks to Charlotte @ Anknel & Burblets for the great recommendation!

2 I have been obsessed with stationery since my eighth birthday, when I received my first proper pencil case all kitted out ready for a new year at a new school. I loved it so much that I even took (and still have) photos of that pencil case. It was hot pink with a lilac zip - my parents knew me well. I still cannot resist cool stationery, and I love to adorn the pages of my otherwise very grown-up looking Filofax and my notebooks with cute stickers/labels/post-its (I used to collect stickers too; are you beginning to build a picture..?). These are very sweet and quirky.

Creative Display by Geraldine James - a beautiful book full of beautiful interiors, along with lots of styling tips.

4 The effortlessly lovely Narcissi that have been breathing the scent of spring throughout the flat for over a week, and are still going!

5 The presentation and packaging of Paul & Joe's products is just exquisite. It renders the act of applying one's lip gloss positively opulent! This gloss has staying power without feeling tacky on your lips, and the colour is great on.

6 I just *love* Jessica aka lolamarie7 and her vlogs, as I am sure I have mentioned before. My hair in this picture was the result of following this tutorial of hers for everyday waves. I'm sure to many of you out there this might seem an entirely straight forward process, but I'm not great with hair, so I'd rather follow a hairdresser's instructions than be left to my own devices any day! The waves were still pretty tight when I took the photo, but they dropped ever so slightly and were perfect once I'd brushed through them gently.

7 Up until now, I had been using this glass jar from the sweetie table at our wedding to store chocolates/sweets etc whenever we had any to store, but this meant it didn't really have a permanent function or place. When clearing out some old nail varnishes, it occurred to me that I could use the bonbon jar to store my nail varnishes, which would both look pretty and free up some space in the bathroom cupboard - double win!

8 I then turned my attention to my make up collection. There were some rather dubious items (5 year old lip gloss...) lurking in the depths that needed weeding out. Having culled rather a lot, I purchased these neat acrylic drawers from Homebase to organise, store and display my make up. Very handy and looks supremely neat and tidy. You can find similar acrylic storage at Muji.

9 & 10 My sister and I enjoyed a delicious meal at Trattoria da Carlo in Fetcham this week. Please overlook the very basic website; it's all about the food. Our starters were especially delicious: smoked salmon and tiger prawns with mango, and crab with avocado. Old fashioned Sicilian cuisine at its best.

11 Too true. I snapped this in passing while out shopping the other day. I miss my two dogs (English Springer Spaniels) at my parents' home and am ever hopeful that His Lordship will concede and allow me to have one, one day...

Work minus approx. 8 hours. Time to say, 'Bonne nuit'!

pp x

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