Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Monday Montage

Hoping you've all had a wonderful long weekend and a very Happy Easter!

1 Too right! I just love the Wild & Wolf Mr Men and Little Miss mugs. We also have Mr Happy and Little Miss Sunshine, but I think this one best reflects my persona...

2 Rimmel Lasting Finish in 'Hot Shot'

3 Just before curtain up at Book of Mormon - such an incredible show! NB Not at all suitable for anyone easily offended by foul language or sensitive to politically incorrect material.

4 Southbank, ever-twinkling through the haze.

5 Beautiful view through a beautiful window, in the home of a beautiful friend. One of those perfect long afternoons spent drinking tea and putting the world to rights.

6 Super tasty and virtuously healthy salad for dinner - spinach, rocket, watercress, chicory, tomato, avocado, beetroot, basil, mozzarella and walnuts.

7 Work attire of the week - can you tell I'm going through a pink/purple phase..?

8 Approaching the Algarve...

9 Beautiful. Shame about the clouds!

10 Fernando's - serves the best steak and red wine in the Algarve!

11 Beautiful Art Deco glassware.

12 Beer. Book. Bliss.

13 & 14 TK Maxx score - Jane Shilton handbag at a bargain price!

15 My two and a half year old niece's Easter haul!

pp x

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