Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sunday Smörgåsbord

Having spent my weekend doing various other things, I've not yet finished preparing the wedding DIY post as intended, so, my apologies, but that will have to wait... However, in the meantime I have a few tidbits below and a recipe to keep you ticking over... I hope you've all had a delightful weekend!

1. My not-so-new rose gold Fossil watch, which I naughtily treated myself to back in October while hubby was away on his stag do. In Vegas. I figured I deserved something special since I was not to be travelling several thousand miles or staying in a five star establishment for my hen do. It is beautiful, with just the right amount of sparkle, and I love how the shape and style of it compliments my engagement ring (see no. 5). Every gal loves a bit o' bling!

2. These 'Malteaster' bunnies are far too cute! Devouring one is a far less pleasurable experience than it ought to be, on account of the guilt in biting off its poor, unsuspecting head. And yes, I did eat it. <Hangs head in shame>

3. Dirty, Saturday-night-in-with-the-husband burger. More guilt.

4. Catharsis. Normal people get their kicks on a Saturday night out and about, consuming food and alcohol in abundance and socialising with friends. This week, I spent a very pleasurable and rewarding Saturday night styling our living room by de-cluttering and then rearranging our books and DVDs according to the colours of the spectrum. Oh well, my tendency towards OCD may be cause for concern, but at least my liver's intact.

5. Married!! Loving having double the number of rings on my fourth finger, I must say. I've been trying to explain eternity bands to His Lordship. He remains, as yet, unconvinced, despite my insistence that it is a necessity if I am to bear his children in the future. Yes, I am greedy, but I didn't name my blog 'the little magpie' for nothing.

6. One of my gorgeous Christmas gifts from the husband. Admittedly, I pointed these coasters out in Anthro(pologie) whilst out shopping on our honeymoon, but he loved them too and went ahead and bought them, so all credit to him.

7. Prezzie brought back from Japan by a close friend, who is aware of my not-so-secret penchant for all things Hello Kitty. I think it's a phone charm, but it adorns my pencil case instead. The girls in my class at school love it almost as much as I do!

8. I have recently discovered the joys of Elle Decoration. This edition kept me occupied on the long train journey home from Reading today. So many fabulous ideas, now all we need is to move...

pp x

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