Monday, 25 February 2013

Sunday Smörgåsbord

A real motley assortment of images this week, some of which I'll elaborate on in later posts...

Top row (left to right)

1. Supremely cool 'Alice' print by Ros Shiers that I was treated to for Valentine's Day ~ wonderful, attentive hubby, lucky me!
2. The Primrose Café in Bristol ~ delectable fare, no matter what you order. I spent a weekend in Bristol (my first visit) and loved it. More on Brizzle another time.
3. Loving my recent Topshop purchase. Reminds me of a table cloth my late Godmother used to lay out on special occasions! Old school.
4. Surely the last of the snow till next Winter..? Pretty please?

Middle row

1. More Valentine's treats! Roses are great, but not the kind you find out in force on Valentine's Day. If you're shopping for flowers on the high street, I infinitely prefer tulips ~ the boy knows me well :-)
2. Pancakes!!! Best French crêpe recipe coming soon. Strawberries and Nutella ~ the most heavenly of fillings. This combo is sometimes referred to as Romeo & Juliet, on account of its being bittersweet. We were made these for breakfast on our honeymoon ~ bless.
3. Nails Inc. Limited Edition Pinkie Pink glitter nail polish in support of the Breast Cancer Campaign. Excellent coverage for a glitter varnish. Barbie would be proud.
4. Just whipped up this Victoria Sponge Cake with Strawberries & Champagne jam, because I'm proper posh.

Bottom row

1. Rimmel Lycra Pro nail polish in Trend Spotting. The photo doesn't do the plummy depths of this varnish any justice. Try it out for yourself.
2. I'm a sucker for a beautiful sky. I find admiring the heavens promotes deep thought and a sense of tranquility. Always useful for putting the petty necessities of one's life into cosmic perspective.
3. A little posy of roses, freesia and wax flower that I had put together to take to a friend's pancake party, which was as awesome and gluttonous as it sounds, yes. I love the soft vintage look of Amnesia roses in their muted lilac tones. Very pretty.
4. This chunky mustard scarf came from Tesco, of all places. It was £7! Much as I love wearing it, I'm hoping an imminent change in the weather will mean I'll no longer need to. Sunshine, please!

Oh dear. As the clock would have it, this is more of a Monday Montage than a Sunday Smörgåsbord. Time for bed, said Zebedee...

Happy Monday, everyone; have a great week!

pp x

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