Thursday, 31 January 2013

Midweek Montage

Having missed the Sunday Smörgåsbord boat last week, I thought I'd pop in this belated midweek substitute. Below are just a few odd snaps from recent weeks that I thought might be worth sharing!

Top row, from left to right:
1. Frank, our festive reindeer, who has been allowed to remain on the wall as a permanent feature ~ we couldn't bring ourselves to pack him away!
2. Sausage and mash (as per the Waldorf's secret recipe) with veg and boozy gravy. Sunday evening bliss.
3. Two of my favourite pairs of shoes (Brogues from Clarks, of all places! Beloved pony hair leopard print pumps from French Sole), which I'd discarded nonchalantly in front of our bedroom mirror. I thought they looked rather beautiful just lying there...
4. Red chili martini @ The Martini Bar in the Barbican. We went to see The Master and Margarita ~ incredible production by Complicité of the Mikhail Bulgakov novel, which I must read!

Middle row:
1 & 2. Experimental 'do' comprising plait and bun. Rather liked it, even though I do say so myself. I have since chopped off a good third of my hair, so not sure I'll be recreating this one for a while.
3. Breathtaking sunrise I enjoyed one morning on my way out the door. Even Instagram hasn't done it justice.
4. My delectable new Osterley Filofax. I'm a write-it-down kind of a gal. Don't misunderstand me, I love technology and wouldn't be without my iPhone 5, but I find the process of writing things down kinaesthetically gratifying. Plus I like to embellish with stickers and post-its. I'm cool like that. The teenage girl in me goes nuts over a sparkly pen or a cute sticker of a small, furry animal.

Bottom row:
1. A cockapoo. I have to have one. His Lordship knows this, but I'm not sure he's really on board yet. I figure that by the time we're actually in a position to have one, I'll have worn him down.
2. Hot pink tulips in fabulously hot pink vase, purchased for me by my lovely mother at the New Covent Garden Market when we visited back in November. This is its very first outing, and I love it. It certainly cheers up the living room on these grey and soggy January days.
3. The fringe is back, and it's here to stay. I was mortified to have to grow it out to achieve the soft wedding look I was after, but I couldn't wait to have it cut back in!
4. My new Tom Ford's. Très chic, n'est-ce pas? I spent hours choosing these bad boys. Do you like..?

That's all for this evening, but I'll be back this weekend with some wedding DIY and a recipe or two.

Bonne nuit,
pp x

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