Saturday, 23 February 2013

All grown up

I always knew that there would be something of an anti-climax to face once the wedding was over. As stressful as planning a wedding can be, I found it exciting and rewarding to have such a monumental event to design and orchestrate from scratch; it gave me an opportunity to be creative in a way I haven't been for such a long time. I loved finding ways of expressing our personalities and including details that were representative of our stories, both as individuals and as a couple, and seeing everything come together to produce the end result was hugely satisfying, not to mention emotional. Immediately after the wedding, we flew away on our honeymoon, returning to celebrate Christmas, albeit belatedly, and relive our wedding day through photos and conversations with family and friends. We floated along merrily on our newly wed cloud for several weeks, but I knew reality would eventually bite. And it did.

Going back to work after the most incredible three and a half week break was harder even than I had imagined. As happy as I was to be married to my wonderful husband, I felt an overwhelming sense of inertia and apathy, which I have spent most of January and February battling against. I have enjoyed some lovely weekends during that time, spent doing fun things, visiting friends and family etc, but the Monday to Friday grind has been a real slog. Thankfully, I am finally beginning to feel my energy and motivation returning ~ mostly thanks to this half term break, and some heart-to-hearts with friends who have been experiencing similar issues ~ and I am embarking upon my own Happiness Project, which I hope will help to inspire proactivity and keep me feeling upbeat and positive. With that in mind, I have given la petite pie a make-over! I feel her new look is fresher, clearer, and rather grown-up, reflecting my current state of mind. What do you think..?

I would love to hear your thoughts on the content of this post and/or the blog's new look ~ please do leave your comments below!

pp x

Our wintery wedding wonderland at Wentworth!

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