Friday, 9 October 2015

What a difference a year makes...

This little blog has lain dormant for almost a year <sigh>, but I am finally trying to commit some time to resurrecting it now that I find myself on maternity leave!

Truly, what a difference a year makes. There are so many wonderful things that I could have and really wish I had shared over the past twelve months - some of which I will be posting about in more detail over the next few days - but for now, here are a handful of highlights:

Trip to Berlin, October 2014

Trip to Munich, December 2014

Purchasing this awesome hat, December 2014

Celebrating two years of marriage to this wonderful man, 15.12.14

Soaking up the Florida sunshine, December 2014

Meeting Mickey! December 2014

Celebrating Christmas with my best girls, December 2014

Getting pregnant (January) and finding out officially! February 2015

Trip with friends to Stockholm, April 2015

Seeing our baby on screen, April 2014

Spending time with this gorgeous girl. Being an auntie rocks!

Our 20 week scan, finding out we are having a little boy and sharing our happy news, June 2015

Babymoon in Cyprus, July 2015

Time Run, July 2015

Alice's Adventures Underground, July 2015

My beautiful birthday party / baby shower, August 2015

Enjoying the first year of this awesome little girl's life.

Our maternity shoot with the phenomenal Ria Mishaal, August 2015

With only a few short days left to go before we are due to be joined by our little man, I am very excited about the way in which life is set to change for us. Whilst I've no doubt that I will post pregnancy and baby related content here on the blog, you can still expect craft projects, recipes, fashion tidbits and so forth, so I very much hope that, in spite of my absence over the past year, lots of you will rejoin me on my adventures in this next chapter of my life...

pp x

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