Saturday, 10 October 2015

Sand dunes and salty air

Last year, hubby and I decided that we wanted to prioritise seeing a little more of this wonderful world of ours, so we saved and spent the vast majority of our disposable income on travel. We have since visited six destinations across four continents and made a lot of very happy memories along the way. I must emphasise at this point that I am not sharing this in order to boast about our good fortune in any way; we are very aware of and truly grateful for the privilege of being able to afford to travel abroad. The reason for this ~ what is to become a series of travel posts ~ is rather that I can honestly say the experiences we shared during our various trips have made us far richer than the money we spent ever could. Travel really does enrich your life in ways you cannot imagine, and for us, being away from home gives us the time and space to reconnect and enjoy one another's company without the distraction of the petty necessities of everyday life.


Over the coming weeks, I will be blogging about various destinations that we would recommend, starting today with our summer holiday from last year...

Until last summer, neither of us had been south of the equator. We wanted to find a summer holiday destination that afforded opportunities for both relaxation and adventure, and Mauritius did not disappoint.

Mauritius is a volcanic island in the Indian Ocean, off the south east coast of Africa. Historically, its culture has been influenced by the Arab world, the Portuguese, the Dutch, the Chinese, the British and the French - quite a melting pot! Its cuisine, for example, is a mix of Creole, Chinese, Indian and European and they celebrate Hindu, Muslim, Chinese and Christian festivals.

We stayed at Heritage Le Telfair in Domaine de Bel Ombre on the South coast. It is a beautiful resort, built in the French colonial style and nestled amongst lush tropical gardens. It was the perfect setting in which to enjoy some well-earned downtime, and its beautiful Seven Colours Spa was the ultimate in relaxation and self-indulgence (we can really recommend the Couple Spa Suite Experience!).

Beyond the resort, Mauritius had such a lot to offer. There were breathtaking views around every bend in the road and a wide variety of activities and excursions to take advantage of, both on land and at sea. If you, like us, prefer destinations that combine beach holiday repose with vibrant culture and opportunities to get out and about, then Mauritius is well worth considering.

First view of the sea.

In need of some sunshine!

Our suite.

This smaller shared pool was right outside our suite and empty most days!

Part of our spa experience - a deliciously deep outdoor bubble bath with a fresh fruit platter and fruit juice cocktails.

The beach at sunset, right outside our suite.

Beautiful clear waters.

Cocktail o'clock.

Another of the many bars available for a cheeky pre-dinner apéritif.

Venturing out of the resort.

Chamarel waterfall.

La Vallée des Couleurs.

Meeting beautiful lions - just incredible, Casela Nature Park. NB The big cats in captivity here are NOT sedated or under the influence of other drugs - we would not support that kind of practice under any circumstances.

Meeting zebra, amongst other species, on a Segway safari, Casela Nature Park.

Where would you recommend for a holiday that can offer a balance of relaxation and more adventurous or cultural experiences?

Safe travels, whenever and wherever your next adventure may take you...

pp x

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