Sunday, 23 March 2014

Magpie Make & Do ~ Snickerbocker Shake

I'm not an out-and-out milkshake fan, I'll be honest. Much as I wish I did, I just don't like milk, so milkshakes for me always have to be one part milk to nine parts anything but! I don't even want to think about how many calories there are in this devilishly naughty concoction, but frankly, it tastes so good that I'm willing to overlook it, and so should you.

This recipe is my own, but you could very easily adapt it to suit your favourite chocolate bar. I have been looking forward to serving up a treat in these fab glasses from Sainsbury's, which I snapped up in the sale a couple of weeks ago. I'm afraid I couldn't find them online to link here for you, but you may still find them in store.


2 Snickers bars, finely chopped
3 scoops vanilla ice cream
1 scoop chocolate ice cream
1 dessert spoon Nutella
1 dessert spoon peanut butter
1 swirl chocolate sauce
1 swirl toffee/caramel sauce
Add milk as necessary to achieve desired consistency


This really is as simple as it gets: throw everything into a blender and blitz!


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