Monday, 11 June 2012

Retrospective patriotism and more excuses (for you) to shop.

A very good evening to you all.

I am excited to report - however naïve I may sound in so doing... - that my site has had 69 hits since my inaugural post during the wee small hours of Sunday morning.  Now, perhaps that's not in fact very good at all, but by my reckoning, that's approximately 1.6 hits per hour, which to me seems an acceptable figure for a brand new venture! A sincere thank you to each and every one of you who has taken the time to view the site, read my posts and give me some feedback. Your support is, truly, very much appreciated.

This evening, I have a few odds and sods to share, but firstly, I wanted to mention briefly the recent royal festivities. I have read various posts on facebook and in the media over the past weeks, suggesting that they were not, by any means, unanimously well received. Whilst I fully appreciate that not everyone is a royalist (God save the Queen), I do find that turning one's nose up at a celebration in honour of someone who has dedicated their life to good causes, at an occasion uniting people in celebration of our national heritage or even, on a more prosaic level, at a four day weekend and an excuse for a stonking good party, rather distasteful. To all those of you who were bah humbug about the whole affair, don't expect an invitation to my coronation party.

Last year, school was open on the day of the Royal Wedding (yes, I am a teacher), and although we celebrated by watching most of the service followed by a fish & chip lunch out in the grounds, it wasn't the same as being involved in a street party. Naturally, I was not going to let the Jubilee pass me by without some kind of festivity, and so, as we don't really live on a street per se, I invited some of our nearest and dearest to join us for a red, white and blue tea party...

Vanilla ice cream cupakes

Strawberries & cream cupcakes with handmade (by me!) Union Jacks

'Misspent Monday evening'. Oil on canvas.

In search of Jubilee themed baking paraphernalia, I happily stumbled across this lovely little site (planetbake) - great for all your baking goody needs, and from which the bunting, confetti, foil cases and red, white & blue nonpareils you see above were all sourced. I am salivating at the mere memory of those cakes. I love to bake. I will endeavour to make time this weekend amidst report writing to try out something new to share here with you.

It's no good, I can only hold out so long. Moving on to shopping!

Today, I thought you might like your attention drawn to the Kurt Geiger half price sale. All the Kurt Geiger brands are great quality, and you can pick up fantastic bargains in the sale if you're lucky enough to find the prettiest shoes left in your size.

Next, if you love beautiful homeware as much as I do, check out Cox & Cox for some lovely things, either to treat yourself, or if, like me, you can't justify that for one reason or another, their bits and bobs make wonderful gifts. The reason I mention them particularly today is because I have a cheeky discount code to share with you for 15% off your order: PDS12. I say cheeky because I received this offer through the post as I've purchased from them before - this is not an advertised promotion.

Lastly, for another naughty discount code, here's one for up to 25% at Boden: AR29. I find myself rather drawn to this absurdly kitsch cardi in silver melange:

Perhaps now is the time to confess that it is my intention to design and bring to market a bracelet embossed with W.W.R.B.W (What would Rachel Berry wear?)..?

<cue tumbleweed>

 Anyway, that's me all done for this evening. Happy Monday!

pp x

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