Friday, 15 June 2012

Flirty, pretty things - the latest undies to put a spring in your step and a twinkle in your eye.

TGI Friday! Welcome to the weekend, one and all, I do hope you've had a lovely week in spite of the relentlessly dreary weather - will the sun ever shine again?! This evening's surfing (while His Lordship is off watching the football, of course) has been focused, albeit not exclusively, on top buys for your top drawer...

A wisp of silk here, a scrap of lace there, the tender caress of satin... Any lingerie lover knows that nothing quite beats the thrill of a new set of naughty knickers and an ego-boosting brassiere. My bra size is in fact such a tricky one, that it often eludes me on the high-street, so I really do delight in beautiful lingerie sets when I find them in my size.

My first port of call for reliability, quality and a great fit is always Bravissimo. They stock various manufacturers, of which Masquerade is my all time favourite. Recently, however, I discovered Boux Avenue, Theo Paphitis's latest lingerie venture, when a new branch was opened in Guildford. The branding is appealing in its simplicity, the dressing rooms - which include some novel, if utterly pointless, mood lighting for you to play with - are sumptuous and spacious, and they frequently hold sales with some fantastic deals to be had. As if this wasn't recommendation enough, they also scatter deliciously pretty, scented fabric petals in with your purchase. Watching this ritual is faintly reminiscent of the amusing, "Would you like it gift wrapped?" scene in Love Actually between Rowan Atkinson and Alan I-probably-still-would Rickman (posted below for your viewing pleasure).

A mention must also be spared for good old M&S, which I know is a favourite amongst many for all their underwear needs. I tend to find myself limited to their knickers and hosiery: they have recently upped their game in the style stakes, certainly, but I'm not convinced of their sizing. Having said that, some of their latest styles are so pretty that they might just be worth the hassle of trying on the same bra in three different sizes.

Anyway, here are just a few of the delights that have caught my eye, including some super cute nightwear from Boux, in case you require a little inspiration to treat yourselves, or perhaps your partners? ;-)


Rhea by Masquerade in Antique Ice (I have this in Antique Rose - so beautiful and fabulously well-made)

Boux Avenue

Marks & Spencer

Limited Collection Teacup Print padded balcony bra (the print on this is very sweet :-)

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  1. Great picks on the bird-printed one and the blue floral lace set -- the latter is sexier than I'd expect from M&S!. The cotton longline bra looks like a great solution to back-squidge bulges that show through a form-fitting top, although in order to be able to use it for that rather-less-sexy-but-really-quite-practical purpose, I'd probably look for a similar construction without a ruffle in the front.

    1. Thanks, Rachel. Salient points, and well made. I must confess, I hadn't given a single thought to practicality of wearing the above, only the aesthetics on this occasion! My tendency to do this has in fact resulted in many a purchase that is rendered redundant 90% of the time on account of impracticality. Why can't I, in the words of Henry Higgins, 'be more like a man?' Gotta love Rex Harrison...