Saturday, 16 November 2013

Snug & Snout

Introducing our adorable fur babies, Snug & Snout...

They are lionhead rabbits, currently 15 weeks old and the funniest, fluffiest bunnies alive! They are named after two of the mechanicals in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, in which the character Snug plays a lion (lionhead rabbits...).

Snout (left) is a mischievous ginger escape artist with bumble bee stripes, one white sock and always with his little white nose into something naughty. Snug is his darker, quieter sister; she has a ginger diamond shape on her face and a 'seam' running down her back that makes her look as though her left and right sides were stitched together! They love basil, kale, cabbage and, of course, sweet treats like apple, pear and carrot. They were very cuddly as babies, but now they dislike being picked up in favour of running around the flat like mad things and doing binky, which we just love to watch. Total time wasters!

They have a two-storey abode in our living room, with space caged off around it, which gives them a lot of room to run and jump. We let them out every evening so that they have more space to get up a bit of speed. They run super fast and jump astonishingly high! After only a couple of months, we really can't imagine life without them...



  1. If you are interested in this particular breed of bunny, then get in touch with the lovely Sammie over at Surrey Lionheads - She is a friend and colleague of mine who has been breeding lionheads for years, and plans several litters each year of various beautiful colour combinations.

  2. Jessica Ballantine16 November 2013 at 16:11

    Jess that house is the cutest thing ever... And they are extremely sweet bunnies! I am very jealous right now! x